Summer in Belize
Date: 9 July 2004

Well, another year has passed since our 'official' arrival 2 years ago in balmy Belize. Now that school is out, we are enjoying a very quiet Summer as we are normally surrounded by the hustle and bustle of 2 elementary schools and one preschool -- one next door, the other across the street, and the preschool in the house sharing our backyard. Now that the children are 'free', it's more peaceful than any of us remember. Last year at this time, we promptly took off in our bus for a 95-day tour through Mexico, the States, Canada, and back. The bus hasn't moved from its spot since. ;-)

I spent much of the Spring installing Direcway satellite systems for internet access. There are few options down here for reliable internet service. Telecom monopolies provide poor service at high rates with no other options. If you were to follow the news, it would seem the only competition for telephone service (Intelco) is bankrupted each quarter, always hanging on a thread and courting some new US company to bail them out only to be followed with the investors writing off the loss later (where did that $50 million dollar loan go? Nobody seems to know...)

Much to my surprise, however, was the demand for satellite internet service in Honduras. I am fielding requests everyday from this beautiful, mountainous, tropical paradise. As a result, I have spent several weeks installing dishes in some very remote locations, in addition to more popular tourist destinations like Roatan, one of the Bay Islands, a popluar spot for ex-pats these days. I am preparing for my 3rd trip as we speak.

Our friends, Daryl and Thelma, have moved from San Joaquin, Corozal to Cristo Rey, Cayo to get into the mountains and away from the mosquitos. They sold their beautiful house and lot already and are also selling their organic farm. We visited them in Cayo near the Macal River, a few miles from San Ignacio, as they finished building their new house. This area is where I had originally wanted to settle. There are virtually no bugs here -- you can walk through the jungle any time of day and not even swat a mosquito. The people here are very kind and are of Mayan descent. The Macal River winds down

{More to come... }

Eric, Lila, Cheyenne and Lakota

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